And surely ye'll be your pint-stowp,
And surely I'll be mine,
And we'll tak a cup o kindness yet,
For auld lang syne!

Robert Burns - Scotland's national bard


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About Shilling katering project

Catering is includes not only the ability to cook delicious, but you arrange and effectively apply food in any place and at any time, not to mention the fact that the dishes themselves can be requested on the individual recipe.

Obvious advantages of catering to the stationary dining - exceptional mobility, complexity and individual nature of services. Any choice in everything from the location, shape services shape the waiters to color appointments and the level of dishes. Our experts will help you in your day create a model of your restaurant, exactly the way you think he is ... ideal.

Pub «Shilling» is ready to offer you a menu sets to any request or, considering your wishes, to form an individual menu, including copyright, vegetarian, baby, lean, national, beer party with the best European beers, etc.

Remember that part of the menu may depend on the form of services, for example …

  • Feast - a form of service with the mandatory placement of guests at the table, excludes self-service. European delivery service provides courses, the Russian submission - covering snacks once in the table. Classic banquet consists of hot and cold snacks, cold cuts, and includes a hot dish, possible presentation dish.
  • Cocktail - is best suited for informal communication. Organize in cases where a relatively limited time (30 minutes to 1.5 hours) need to take a large number of guests. Guests tend to eat standing up, and they are given free choice in the room, meals and drinks. Menu eliminates hot dish, except snacks.
  • Barbecue - usually held during the warmer months outdoors. Classic dishes - meat or fish cooked over charcoal braziers or grill station, ear or okroshka, cold appetizers. To recommend the use of disposable dishes.

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